The lead time between receipt of mastered music file and finalised artwork is 8 weeks.

Our minimum order size is 100 units.

Every order incurs a fixed cost – we require a 60% deposit to start your project and 40% upon test press approval.

Our preference is bank transfer, we do accept credit cards and Paypal, but these options incur a 3% charge.

Our shipping partners deliver worldwide. Please contact sales@seabassvinyl.com for a quote for shipping outside of the UK.

Yes, but there are additional costs. Please contact sales@seabassvinyl.com for a quote for multi destination shipping.

Yes, we can split an order but the minimum per type remains 100 units, if we are able to reuse the same stamper disc, we can support multiple colours, effects or Evovinyl. Please Contact sales@seabassvinyl.com to discuss the specifics and receive a quote.

The Record

We currently press 12” only.

There is no discernible audio quality variation from the weight of the record for most listeners. There is an ergonomic solidity to the heavier weight. 140gm irrespective of the type of vinyl used is the more sustainable and cost-effective option. As an indication 180gm is approximately £0.20 more expensive per unit in an order of 1000 units.

In standard Ineos PVC we support multiple colours. These can be found here. A solid colour will cost approximately £0.20 per unit for a run of 1000. We support marble effect – which combines multiple colours melted together. As an indication, the cost of a marble effect is an additional £0.40 per unit.

We work with Ineos as our supplier of PVC. Based in Northeast England, lneos offer a premium product and using their material significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Standard PVC – available in multiple colours. Ecovin – a black only PVC product with a 90% reduced carbon footprint and no impact on audio quality. Ecovin costs approximately £0.55 per unit. Please note that this is a flat rate irrespective of the number of units.

A split order with multiple vinyl formats and colours can be arranged if we can reuse the same stamper disc. There is a cost per split due to the time to set up and prepare the press. 140 vs 180 is treated as a separate order. Please contact us directly for a quote by e-mailing sales@seabassvinyl.com

At 33 rpm we recommend 18 minutes per side, any longer and there may be compromises on the audio quality. 45 rpm 12 minutes per side.

File Formats / Mastering

Please send us 24bit 44.1kHz or 24 bit 48kHz full bandwidth files. We can handle any sample rates, up to 32bit / 192kHz. Preferably the mastering should be specific to the vinyl format. We have established relationships with multiple mastering engineers appropriate for different music genres and bespoke requirements – please contact sales@seabassvinyl.com for more information

We have made the conscious decision to channel and refine our expertise in pressing only, so we work with established experts and companies for lacquer cutting and galvanics. This permits increased flexibility for the artists we work with to create the best bespoke product.

Our preferred partner for lacquer cutting is CurvePusher. We also work with other lacquer cutting companies to meet specific requirements such as music genre or half speed mastering. For details on these options please contact sales@seabassvinyl.com to gain further information on costs. Our galvanics partner are Stamper Discs https://www.stamperdiscs.com/.


We work with Delga Print for all our label and sleeve printing. Delga offer premium production using the highest quality materials. The standard printing approach is to use CYMK Offset printing but Pantone inks are also available – please contact sales@seabassvinyl.com for further details.

All artwork must be designed using the record label and the record sleeve template. The final files should be PDF format.

Yes, there may be an additional packing charge. Please contact sales@seabassvinyl.com to discuss options. Alternately it can be specified in the custom configurator to generate a quote.

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