By combining our passion for music with an unrelenting commitment to quality, we create authentic, exceptional Vinyl records.

Quality, sustainability and transparency are the cornerstones of Seabass Vinyl.

From establishing the design of our plant and our recruitment approach, through to the selection of our suppliers and our engagement with artists and customers, these guiding principles imbue every element of our business.

We create vinyl with the artist in mind. We aspire to positively impact the Scottish music industry, striving to make meaningful contributions through initiatives like our partnership with SMIA sponsoring the Sound of Young Scotland award.

We are committed to establishing B Corp Certification/ESG certification within our first year of operation.

Our Values

Our Values

Our Values


Our goal is to become the most sustainable vinyl pressing plant in the world, without compromising on quality. This ambition informed our plant design and drives the approach we take across all our services and operations.

Our purpose-built factory was constructed with the minimum impact, with features and processes that ensure it functions as sustainably as possible.

  • 200,000 KWH of energy per year generated on site from solar and wind – up to 40% of our daily use.
    • 1400m2 of PV panels.
    • 2 9KW wind turbines.

Our electricity is carbon trust certified as 100% renewable LPG is carbon offset through our supplier Flogas. This is certified by the Carbon Trust with investment in verified carbon mitigation projects where everyone complies with the Verified Carbon Standard or Gold Standard, approved under the ICROA Code of Best Practice.

  • Commitment to B Corp certification in our first year of operation.
  • Offering Ecovin and a 100% recycled vinyl option.
  • Significant additional investment in cooling and boiler equipment to minimize energy consumption, we have an estimated 75% less cooling energy requirements than other pressing plants.
  • Closed loop water cooling system to minimise water loss.
  • Site cleaning and screening to minimise road miles generated by material taken off site in ground works to maximise recycling (520 T of soil).
  • Selecting a contractor who committed to 23 tCO2e of carbon reduction with steel supplies, with embodied carbon reduced from 1.78 to 1.35 tCO2e.
  • Operating a highly insulated and airtight factory to minimise energy loss whilst improving quality.
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In the words of Aristotle, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit” and the vinyl products created by our refined processes reflect this.

Our business is rooted in our shared love of music and hifi and that remains our driving motivation.

Our factory is designed with maximum quality in mind from the bottom up.

  • We take a uniquely detailed approach with 3D CAD modelling of the plant and piping
  • Our supporting infrastructure exhibits ensures consistency and control
  • Our factory is highly insulated and airtight ensuring minimal environmental changes to guarantee consistency
  • We use aspects of clean room technology to maintain high quality filtration, protecting the key areas of production

Our entire team is incentivized by quality and customer feedback, so every record is individually inspected prior to packaging.

We work with independent experts to assess the quality of our pressings and seek feedback to constantly refine our process.

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