Our Vinyl

We harness the expertise of accomplished specialists at every sTEP of the vinyl pressing journey.

We manufacture records from our factory in East Lothian offering fair prices, short production runs and enhanced production lead times. As Scotland’s first vinyl pressing plant, our ambition to positively impact both the Scottish music industry and our local community guides every element of our business.

Implementing state-of-the-art technology on the highest quality materials, we offer fair prices and optimised production lead times. We are a destination production hub for local, national and international artists alike​.
Environmental impact and sustainability guide every stage of our services; from construction and manufacturing efficiency to our use of raw materials, natural resources and our approach to waste management​.





Ineos supply our PVC. Based in northeast England they are geographically close as well as providing a world-leading product. They have invested heavily in Ecovin, which has a 91% reduced Carbon footprint compared to standard PVC.

Coloured Vinyl

We manufacture vinyl in a range of standard colours. Have a custom enquiry be sure to check out our pricing guide.

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Vinyl Effects

We also offer marbling effect, and our creative team are always happy to work on custom designs and patterns.

We can’t currently offer splatter effect. We are working with Pheenix Alpha to be one of the first pressing plant to prototype their splatter modification when it is available.

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